Friday, October 29, 2010

Text # 6 - Suicide

This text, sent to me a few months ago, is also in my native language: Filipino, which I will translate to you. It says the following:

Original Text:

ANAK: Ma! C kuya, ngbigti sa banyo!

MAMA: Ha? (2mkbo ppntng C.R.)

MAMA: ikaw ha! Punyeta ka! Wg kng mgbi2ro ng ganyan!

ANAK: hehe, joke lng sa kwarto xa ngbigti.


Son: Mom! It's Kuya*! He's committing suicide in the CR!

Mom: What? (runs to CR)

Mom: You! #%$@! Don't joke like that!

Son: Hehe, just kidding.He's committing suicide in his room.

Toinkz! Happy Blogging Everyone! :)

*Kuya is a respect term we use for our older brothers.

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