Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Text # 3 - Rides

Hello again! This text sent in one of our languages, Ilonggo. So, again, I shall translate it to you.

Original Text:
Anak: Tay ano ang escalator man?

Tatay: Hagdan ina anak nga naga pasaka panaug.

Anak: Ang elevator tay?

Tatay: Daku nga kahon nga nagasaka panaug man.

Anak: Ang calculator tay?

Tatay: Ina siya bag-o nga wala pa ako makasakay.

Son: Dad, what's an Escalator?

Father: Son, that's a kind of stairs that goes up and down.

Son: How 'bout Elevator?

Father: That's a big box that goes up and down.

Son: How 'bout the Calculator?

Father: That? That's something new that I have yet to ride.

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~ DJKlaye

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