Monday, October 25, 2010

Text # 2 - Teacher is Dead!

This second text I also received a few months ago. It is also in my native language: Filipino. So I'll translate it for you again...

Original Text:

Teacher: magpa2class picture tau pra pglaki nyo, ssbhin nyo, "wow c Dodong, ngaun police n! wow c Inday, nurse na! wow c Tomas, ngaun doctor n!"

Juan my phabol p mam!

Teacher: ano un, Juan?

Juan: "wow c mam, ngaun patay na!"

Teacher: upo! wag kang sasali s class picture!


Teacher: Class, let's take a class picture so that when you grow old, you'll look back and say, "Wow, look at Dodong! Right now, he's already a police! Wow, look at Inday! Right now, she's now a nurse! Wow, look at Tomas! Right now, he's already a doctor!"

Juan: Excuse me Ma'am, but you missed one.

Teacher: What is it, Juan?

Juan: "Wow, look at Ma'am! Right now, she's already dead!"

Teacher: Sit! You are not joining the class picture.

Hahahaha, Happy Blogging Everyone! :)

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